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ICI's MIURA interviewed about the DeepTech Founders program

José, from the MIURA team, is interviewed about the DeepTech Founders program. The team is presently following this program to help them found their start-up.

on June 24, 2019

MIURA is a start-up project in the field of digital simulation technologies for engineering decision support systems. It aims to position itself as an essential chain in the innovative context of digital twins.

MIURA focuses on the creation of the interactive simulation engine, the true computational heart of the digital twin. This simulation engine is distinguished by its real-time performance, which allows high-fidelity physical simulations to be used for advanced functionalities such as data analysis, artificial intelligence or predictive engineering. MIURA's objective is to set up a simulation platform allowing the users to create their own simulation engines. These latter will be deployable on multiple environments ranging from web browsers to portable devices. It will thus bridge the gap between traditional simulation tools and engineering decision-making.

The MIURA project is led by José V. AGUADO, Domenico BORZACCHIELLO and Nathan LAUZERAL, researchers at the High Performance Computing Institute of Centrale Nantes.

Deeptech Founders is a four-month program to help entrepreneurial scientists and engineers explore and validate opportunities to transform their research into a commercial product. It aims at maturing the projects, following different motos:
  •     Affirm the value your technology could create
  •     Lay the foundations for an optimal development plan
  •     Create a strong network in the deeptech ecosystem
  •     Fill your knowledge gap in entrepreneurship
  •     Learn what it takes to found a company from seasoned deeptech founders
The interview with the MIURA team by Deeptech Founders can be found at https://next-isite.fr/blog/2019/06/24/derniers-jours-pour-candidater-a-lappel-a-projet-next-x-deeptech-founders/.
Published on June 28, 2019 Updated on June 28, 2019