ICI-Lab presents OptiScan at the Atlanstic 2020 Day.

ICI-Lab will present the OptiScan project at the Atlanstic 2020 Day. This latter is focused on machine learning applications for fast 3D scan technologies in an aeronautical context. The event will take place at the LS2N Lab (building S) on the Centrale Nantes campus.

on November 22, 2018

On the occasion of Atlanstic 2020 Day*, ICI-Lab will present OptiScan, an ambitious project that aims to develop an intelligent technology for the fast scan of 3D objects. OptiScan combines new machine learning techniques with ICI’s solid background on statistical shape modeling to reconstruct 3D objects from partial scans of their surface. The goal is to enhance productivity by reducing both acquisition time and the data processing burden. Thanks to close collaboration with our partner company, STELIA Aerospace**, software prototypes will be validated in an industrial environment using real data. The first tests on large fuselage panels have already been carried out, showing very promising results: scanning time could be reduced by more than 80%.

*Atlanstic 2020 Day will bring together people in the digital scetor in the Pays de la Loire area. You can find additional information on this key event here.

**STELIA Aerospace is a global company that specializes on aeronautical structures.
Published on November 20, 2018 Updated on November 20, 2018