NaonedIA presents its new website

NaonedIA, community of Nantes stakeholders in Artificial Intelligence, presents its new website.

on November 8, 2018

NaonedIA is a community founded in June 2018 and composed of more than 50 industrial or academic stakeholders from the region of Nantes, gathered around the University of Nantes. ICI is involved in this group, which recently gained attention. A new website is now online, and intends to promote the development of Artificial Intelligence following 8 principles: Transparency, Decompartmentalization, Responsibility, Ethics, Governance, Privacy, Scientific and technological culture, Human-machine cooperation.
This initiative is also a way to develop strong interactions between the stakeholders in the AI field in the Nantes area. The community intends to develop schooling and awareness campaigns to promote ethical AI. Nantes may thus have the opportunity to become a major center for the research in ethical AI.
This initiative was recently reported in the local press. The article (in French) can be seen in the picture below.

Published on November 8, 2018 Updated on November 9, 2018