HPC call for projects by the GIS GLiCID

Benefit from computing resources! 12 million core-hours per year are distributed by the GIS GLiCID.

on October 1, 2018

As part of the Groupe LIgérien en Calcul Intensif Distribué (GLiCID) scientific interest group (GIS), the two Mesocentres of the Pays de la Loire: the CCIPL - hosted by the University of Nantes - and the Centrale Nantes Supercomputer - hosted by the École Centrale de Nantes and managed by the Institut de Calcul Intensif - ICI, provide their academic partners in the Pays de la Loire with computing resources of 12 million core-hours per year. These resources are allocated via a call for projects on a run-of-river basis and distributed between the 2 centres.

The GLiCID call for projects intends to initiate and support interactions with partners in the region wishing to perform intensive computing in modelling, simulation and optimization using the resources of GLiCID computing centers.

It also aims to support exploratory projects, either with an industrial partner or on highly trans-disciplinary actions that cannot be financed by other calls for projects.
Published on October 3, 2018 Updated on October 8, 2018