Research Topics

ICI promotes scientific advances and technological innovation through advanced computational modelling, simulation and visualisation methods and tools.

Supercomputing and Innovative Parallel Methods:

Innovative and massively parallel numerical techniques for multiphase computational fluid dynamics, such as anisotropic mesh adaptation (theory and applications) and its coupling with immersed volume methods; imaging, with automatic reconstruction of numerical models from 3D images, offline and online computations.

Advanced Modelling & Numerical Methods for Engineering:

Advanced Model Order Reduction methods for real time simulation, optimization, inverse analysis, control, uncertainty quantification and real time decision making in computational physics and engineering; data based engineering science and technology for material, processes, structures and systems: monitoring, times series and images analysis. Data-driven, data-mining, machine and manifold learning and BigData. An ESI Group industrial chair is endorsed for these research activities.

Engineering Applications:

Multiscale Computational Composites Processing and Rheology, from flowing microstructures and flows in microstructures in suspension or nanocomposites, to process simulators applied to RTM, SMC, compression, etc. by developing homogenization and upscaling techniques; Bio-engineering and Bio-physics, computational surgery for real time simulators, computational anatomy and statistical shape analysis for patient specific treatment; Urban modeling and simulation and Building Physics.
Published on April 26, 2018 Updated on June 28, 2018