Software and patents


ICI-Tech is an environment for the creation of software applications and includes, among other things, the following items:
  • ICI-lib, a software library of scientific computation written in C++, based on finite elements and associated with a mesh library, both highly parallel. The library is distributed with a free licence;
  • ICI-player, the interpreter that allows to create and dynamically activate the objects of the library, generated from ICI-lib with, possibly, additional developments;
  • ICI-demo, a collection of scripts composed of reference applications or tutorials (detailed with ICI-teach);
  • ICI-store, user-oriented applications, which may include scripts to compose them. Specific source files, concerning very specific developments, may be included here and not in the common ICI-lib distribution for confidentiality/exclusivity reasons;
  • ICI-I/O, highly optimized inputs/outputs that allow massively parallel execution. It allows the deployment of the computations on the supercomputer, from the calculations to the post-processing (e.g. creation of images, videos).
The ICI-Tech environment is therefore made up of modules, some of which are free and without limitation on the number of units (processors and cores) of the computing platform used.
Published on June 26, 2018 Updated on September 27, 2018