The main objective of 3D-Surg is to position France as world leader in a range of 3D technologies applied to surgery, through the development of 3D modeling of patients, secured patient data transfer systems, new 3D visualization displays, touchless interface and augmented reality software and glasses. Centrale Nantes is involved in this project with many industrial and academic partners, and collaborates in particular with the i-Cube and the IRCAD (Research Institute against Digestive Cancer).

ICI’s purpose is to build on its knowledge of reduced order modeling (ROM) to create, store and access patient-specific and real-time deformable 3D models. The goal is to enable the visualization of the inner organs - through opaque tissues - of any patient, allowing the tracking of important features during minimally-invasive operations such as on tumors or blood vessels. As the liver is a well-known organ with many pathologies, ICI’s work is focused on the creation of a reduced order model adapted to it. 
Published on July 23, 2018 Updated on August 27, 2018