ICI, or Institut de Calcul Intensif (ICI / EA7471), is a High Performance Computing Research Institute which was established at Centrale Nantes in January 2015, following its successful application in the Pays de la Loire Connect Talent call for projects. ICI's primary role is to make state-of-the-art numerical tools for massively parallel computing more accessible and to develop innovative computing strategies integrating data and physical models for real-time simulation, addressing different applicative fields: manufacturing simulation, renewable energies, urban environment simulation and biophysical/biomechanical simulation. The technical team of 20 researchers includes 6 lecturers, 12 Ph.D students and 2 engineers. ICI manages the Centrale Nantes SuperComputing Centre (CNSC), one of the largest regional supercomputing centres in France, with its computing facilities and LIGER, one of the top 5 Tier-2 regional supercomputers.

Research at ICI focuses on three areas:

  • High Performance Computing and massively parallel algorithms for computational mechanics and biomechanics
  • Big data analysis and predictive data modelling
  • Real-time simulation models based on Model Order Reduction techniques
ICI is a recipient of numerous national (ANR NanoSlim, FUI OSUM, Weamec EOS, 3D-Surg) and European research grants (ADMORE, Stream-OD), and is involved in contractual research projects and chairs with industry-leading international partners (ESI Chair, Solvay, Michelin, ArcelorMittal).

Published on May 15, 2018 Updated on April 29, 2020