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Hugues Digonnet from ICI awarded the 2019 Atos – Joseph Fourier prize

Hugues Digonnet, as a former member of the Hi-fi Computational Mechanics team from Mines ParisTech, was awarded the 2019 Atos – Joseph Fourier prize on High-Performance Computing.

on July 2, 2019

On July 2nd, Professor Elie Hachem and his team at Mines ParisTech received the 2019 Atos – Joseph Fourier prize on High Performance Computing. This recognition came for their work on parallel anisotropic mesh and immersed methods in high-fidelity digital mechanics. As a former member of this research team, Hugues Digonnet, now at ICI, was invited.

The Atos – Joseph Fourier prize is an annual competition for scientists from all over the world who register individually or in teams for their local contest. It recognizes the work of researchers, academics and scientists from industry and start-ups in three strategic areas: digital simulation, artificial intelligence and edge computing.
Published on July 8, 2019 Updated on December 2, 2020