Massive Online Open Courses

The production of a MOOC called “Dopez vos calculs : La performance des supercalculateurs à votre portée” got underway in 2018 with funding from Atlanstic 2020 and Centrale Nantes. The main goal is to provide training for people who need to use supercomputer.

This MOOC will be taught over three weeks:

  • Week 1: what supercomputers are, where can we find them, and shows the basis of usage
  • Week 2: how to estimate computing needs, evaluate the time saving, and then, it shows how to run computations and sharing resources
  • Week 3: firsts steps of parallel programming.

The course is managed by Hugues Digonnet, assisted by the supercomputing team, the ICT team, and some interns and PhD students.

The first session is planned for autumn 2021. It will be the first MOOC about supercomputers in French.

Published on February 23, 2021 Updated on July 4, 2022