Dr Gaetano D'Avino at the ICI seminar

Gaetano D'Avino will give a presentation on the exploitation of fluid viscoelasticity for microfluidic applications on Tuesday, January 29 at 2:30pm in Amphitheatre B009.

on January 29, 2019

Gaetano D'Avino is Associate Professor at University of Naples Federico II and member of the department of Chemical Engineering, Materials and Processes. His main research and teaching areas are in the field of computational rheology, suspensions and complex flows. His presentation will focus on the exploitation of fluid viscoelasticity for microfluidic applications.

Manipulation of particles suspended in fluids flowing in microfluidic channels is required in a variety of biological, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. For instance, alignment of particles into a tight stream is a necessary step prior to their counting, detecting, and sorting. Generally, this task is accomplished by using water as suspending medium and by properly fabricating a complex device aimed to displace particle trajectories. In the last years, Dr D'Avino's group has exploited viscoelasticity of the suspending liquid as a key ingredient to develop microfluidic applications using simple devices. In this talk, will be presented results on experiments and simulations on viscoelasticity-induced particle alignment of spherical and non-spherical particles, and on the possibility to form equally-spaced particle trains.
Published on January 23, 2019 Updated on January 23, 2019