Centrale Nantes Supercomputing

The Research Institute

The High Performance Computing Institute (ICI) is established at Centrale Nantes in September 2014, awarded by the Pays de la Loire ConnecTalent Project Call, working on research that enables companies to accelerate design processes and reduces time-to-market, while significantly improving their products. It associates a high performance computing research laboratory and a supercomputing facility. The objectives of this project are related with the democratization of the numerical tools for massively parallel computing for a wide range of applications and challenges.

The HPC Facility

The Centrale Nantes SuperComputing Centre (CNSC), fully operated by ECN-ICI, is hosting a BULLx DLC cluster LIGER, a top5 ranking French Tier2-Class Regional x86 superscalar machine devoted to providing computational resources and expertise for basic scientific research to unprecedented levels of precision, changing the game and releasing new potential for innovation. Some of its research topics are innovative and massively parallel numerical techniques for multiphase computational fluid dynamics, such as anisotropic mesh adaptation (theory and applications) and its coupling with immersed volume methods; imaging, with automatic reconstruction of numerical models from 3D images, offline and online computations.

The Cluster

» A BULL/Atos DLC720 cluster
» 281 TFlop/s Rpeak
» 252 compute nodes
» 14 nodes GPUs NVIDIA K80
» 6.384 cores Intel Xeon E5v3
» FDR Infiniband interconnect
» 900+ TB GPFS storage
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High Performance Computing at Centrale Nantes